10 reasons why Speech and Drama is so important for our children!

Choose football, ballet, Irish dancing, hockey, keep-fit, hurling, judo, swimming, choose arts and crafts, IT, piano, tap-dancing, languages, gymnastics, choose origami, flower-arranging and beat-boxing. Choose bird-watching, jumper-knitting and train-spotting. Choose Life.

There is a plethora of after school activities on offer for our children today. We often send them to every activity under the sun in the hope that they will learn new skills, make new friendships or at least enjoy it.

One of the oldest, purest skills in the world is having the confidence to speak clearly and with meaning. That's where Speech and Drama comes in (or 'elocuuuution') as it is still lovingly referred to in a much-exaggerated faux-English accent by 91 year old granny, Mena Downey (née Dobbin), who herself trod the boards as part of St. Patrick's Dramatic Society many years ago. I can only imagine the showing-off that was done on the stage by her. She has always been so meek and mild.😆 

What makes Speech and Drama so great?

1.  It increases self-esteem and confidence.

2.  It teaches listening, negotiation and communication skills.

3.  It expands literary and cultural awareness and improves clarity of speech.

4.  It encourages creative and imaginative thinking.

5.  It develops team-working and empathy.

6.  It expands vocabulary, reading ability and memory-skills.

7.  It encourages pupils to be curious, open, inquisitive and entertaining.

8.  It teaches pupils how to think on their feet.

9.  It teaches pupils how to focus and concentrate.

10. It is FUN! 

If you are looking for a wonderful way for your children to express themselves, giving them the courage to step outside the box, choose Speech and Drama. Choose Life.

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